What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced “Ray-key”) is one of many energy therapies used today and helps to enhance our holistic being. It is a Japanese energy-balancing method that is used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

Reiki, which means Universal Life Force is an ancient natural balancing technique that was re-discovered by Mikao Usui. Reiki is a relaxing, non-invasive treatment that re-balances the body and is an excellent treatment to settle the mind, body and soul for a more peaceful, calm way of life. This treatment is perfect for everyone and any condition, especially those suffering from stress related or sleep problems.

Based on an ancient Tibetan healing technique, Reiki is a means of channeling universal energy to aid the healing of mind, body and spirit. The beauty of Reiki is that it balances, repairs and restores naturally occurring energies that exist within our bodies. The Reiki practitioner is a channel for this wonderful Reiki energy. The energy passes through the practitioner and out through their hands to the recipient. The practitioner is not the one controlling the Reiki, they really are just the channel. Reiki goes to where it is needed. It is your body’s own healing system and the Reiki energy that will heal you to your highest good, whatever that may be for you.

Reiki can help with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

You will hear a lot of different stories about Reiki, things that you should never do or must do. But Reiki is one of the simplest things you could ever learn. It is us humans that make things complicated and make up our own rules about Reiki. All I would say to you, as a practitioner,  is just step back, take your mind out of the equation and let Reiki do its work. It goes to where it is needed and helps the body’s own healing system to go to work and heal the body, mind and spirit. Reiki can do no harm.


Reiki is performed with you remaining fully clothed, hands are either laid on or hovering above different parts of the body. Some people may feel heat or see colours, Feel different sensations. Or nothing at all. But rest assured,  Reiki is still working even if you don’t feel anything.

reiki-headchakra points



  • Help you to cope with life changes.
  • Help you to change unwanted habits Give you a more positive outlook
  • Help with depression, insomnia, anxiety
  • Clears away mental ‘junk’
  • Help you to cope with trauma and stress
  • Release emotional blockages and restrictive mental attitudes
  • Increases self confidence
  • mental clarity and focus


  • Help to stimulate the body’s own healing abilities
  • Release physical blockages
  • Helps to control high blood pressure
  • Helps with migraines, colds, stomach problems, Relieves physical ailments – even those that have been long term
  • Beneficial to those undergoing intensive treatments (such as chemotherapy) Eases the pain and discomfort of chronic disease
  • Beneficial to those recovering from accidents or surgery
  • Helps calm hyperactivity
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Brings peace to the terminally ill


  • Help you to find peace in everyday life
  • Help you to access strength and energy that you were not aware you even had
  • Bring calm
  • Will help you tap into a more creative side
  • Heightens individual awareness
  • Increases intuition
  • Reiki is lovely to use  in meditation


Mikao Usui was born on August 15th 1865 in the village of Yago in the Yamagata district of Gifu prefecture, Japan. He died on March 9th 1926. He was a Monk who lived in the community. (Not a cloistered Monk) he worked as a business man and as a diplomatic aide. It was during this time he had the chance to travel to other countries.

Mikao Usui wondered what the meaning of life was and set out to try to understand this. After 3 years of trying to find out he turned to a Zen Master for advice and the master replied “If you want to know; die” Usui lost hope at this and thought his life was over. He then went to mount Kurama and decided to fast until he died. Whilst he was at mount kurama he carried out a 21 day meditation and fast called “Lotus Repentance Meditation” According to his memorial stone, whilst doing this meditation he experienced an enlightenment or “Satori” that led to the development of Reiki. Although there is some evidence that Usui had been teaching his spiritual system for several years before carrying out his meditation. He originally referred to this system as “Teate” pronounced tee-ah-tay which means hand healing or hand application. The name Reiki came later.

There is a long tradition of palm healing in Japan and this is one of the traditions that Usui drew upon in creating what is now called Reiki.