• Reiki master / teacher
  • Registered with FHT
  • Member of the S.W.A
  • Qualified First Aider
About me

Diana Harrison

M.I.C.H.T – I.I.H.H.T



After my husband passed away in Oct 1998 I decided to do something with my life that would help other people.

I had always had a fascination for holistic therapies and read a lot of books about it, but bringing up my family and being a mum, stopped me from doing anything about it. So after my husband died, I decided I wanted to change my life, as it made me realise how short life really is.

In 2000 I went to Fareham college to learn how to do Swedish massage. My love for holistic therapies went on from there. I soon realised that people who were by themselves or elderly, very rarely had that human touch. And by doing a massage for someone made them feel so differently. It was amazing that by just having human contact with someone could make such a difference to them.

I gained my first qualification in 2001 and have been learning ever since. I am constantly updating my knowledge as things change over the years. I feel that you never stop learning. There is always something new to learn and by mixing with other therapists we learn from each other.

It was whilst I was doing my massage course that I was massaging a lady when I said I could feel a hot spot on her shoulder and asked if she was ok. She told me that she had a motorbike accident a few years previously but still had problems. Another lady called over to me and said did I do Reiki? I told her I had never heard of it and during our lunch break asked her what it was all about. Well from that conversation I decided it was something that I was interested in doing. In 2002 I found myself a teacher and decided that I would just do Reiki first degree. I loved it so much I then went on to do the second degree. I said I didn’t want to teach so wouldn’t even consider doing the Reiki Master degree. Hmmmm wrong. It took four years but in 2006 I gave in as I could not stop thinking about it and it seemed that people kept asking me if I taught Reiki, so I felt I was meant to do it. I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made. I have met some wonderful people on their Reiki journey with me and feel blessed that they chose me for their teacher. We now enjoy our Reiki shares each month and it gives everyone a chance to use their Reiki.

I also started to do Meditation on a regular basis. I am very different in my way of thinking than I was a few years ago. I look at things in a more positive way now. And things that once would have thrown me into complete panic now make me feel that these things happen for a reason and good will come out of the situation even though at the time it is happening I don’t think so.

My therapies have helped me to become a much calmer person, and hopefully more aware of my surroundings and the feelings of others.

I have learnt if you want to change your life, you have to change your self first.

Love & Light to you all x

What my clients say:

I suffer considerable back pain related to my own chosen profession. Diana has made a considerable difference in easing my pain on each of my visits to her treatment room and I have always left…feeling relaxed, pain free and ‘like a new woman’!!!

I have also used Diana expertise in my very first experience of Reiki. I was so impressed with the experience I became a pupil of Diana’s and gained my own 1st Degree in Reiki. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the first class expertise and knowledge Diana has and of the services she offers.