I came down to Fareham from Birmingham to visit relatives. I had a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, so went to see Diana for an Indian Head Massage. As she was finishing the massage, I don’t know what she did, as I had my eyes closed but I could feel all of the tension leave my body through my head. It was such a lovely feeling. I will definitely go back when I come down to Fareham again.

P Holmesindian head massageindian head massageBirmingham

I was deaf with all the wax in my ears, so decided to give Hopi Ear candles a try. It took just 5 – 6 treatments because the wax was low down in the tubes. Once the wax started to come out I could actually hear what people were saying to me. The treatment itself is so relaxing, far better than having my ears syringed.

P LeachStubbington

I had never had Reiki before. My first experience with Diana was just amazing. I felt a lot of heat and experienced different sensations. The feeling of calm and relation stayed with me for a very long time, brilliant!

S DeakingWhiteley

I went to see Diana for an Ayurvedic face massage as I had heard it helps to lift the facial muscles. I was amazed that after only two treatments I was able to open my mouth wider, after having suffered with lockjaw for 18 years.

I have had hospital treatment and been back to the dentist all to no avail. I can’t believe that after all these years I am now starting to open my mouth. I am going to carry on with the treatments, and hopefully soon be able to open my mouth even wider.

Y LowesFareham

I went to Diana to help with blocked ears which were affecting my hearing and causing some discomfort. After a brief consultation with Diana and my first treatment, my ears were feeling a lot better! I have since went on to have a Indian Head Massage with Diana, I could not recommend her services enough.


Diana is marvelous! She certainly has healing hands! I first visited Diana when I was caring for my mother and wanted some “me” time to relax/de-stress. I found her deep body massage superb – I always slept soundly and peacefully after this treatment.

Diana has also given me head/face massages when I have been suffering with my sinuses, and managed to clear them with one session.
Latterly she has given me body massage whilst I was pregnant with my first child. I was unlucky enough to suffer with my pelvis and muscles around softening making walking/standing extremely uncomfortable. With her healing hands I was able to continue working full-time until week 38 as a facilitator – something that the Doctor and Midwife were amazed at. Well done Diana, you really do have healing hands!

How lucky I am that my friend recommended you – you have been a marvelous find, I wouldn’t be without you!


I suffer considerable back pain related to my own chosen profession. Diana has made a considerable difference in easing my pain on each of my visits to her treatment room and I have always left…feeling relaxed, pain free and ‘like a new woman’!!!

I have also used Diana expertise in my very first experience of Reiki. I was so impressed with the experience I became a pupil of Diana’s and gained my own 1st Degree in Reiki. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the first class expertise and knowledge Diana has and of the services she offers.