Animal Reiki

What is Reiki for Animals? Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) comes from two Japanese words Rei and Ki meaning universal life energy. Reiki was developed in the early 1900’s by Mikao Usui in Japan. Reiki is ideal for use on animals as it … Continued


Manicure / Pedicure

What is a Manicure / Pedicure? A manicure is a beauty treatment for the hands and nails. A variety of tools, creams and oils are used during the manicure treatment in order to clean and shape your nails. Care is … Continued


Hopi Ear Candle Treatment

What are Hopi Ear Candles? First off, I must make it very clear that Ear Candles do not remove wax from the ear. They have a purely physical function in that they work on a chimney effect. As they are … Continued



What is Reiki? Reiki (pronounced “Ray-key”) is one of many energy therapies used today and helps to enhance our holistic being. It is a Japanese energy-balancing method that is used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. … Continued



What is Reflexology? Reflexology is about working on the reflex points on the sole, top and sides of the feet. There are points on the feet that correspond to parts of the body. Reflexology works on the body as a … Continued


Aromatherapy Massage

What is Aromatherapy Massage? Aromatherapy helps to sooth, relax and refresh the Mind and Body, It also helps to dispel  tension, and restore well being. Aromatherapy massage combines the power of touch with the therapeutic properties of essential oils. The … Continued


Ayurvedic Face Massage

What is Ayurvedic Face Massage? Ayurvedic face massage is based on the ancient therapeutic principles of Ayurveda. Marma points are an integral part of Ayurveda and are the subtle pressure points, similar to points used in acupressure. The marmas are … Continued


Swedish Massage

What is Swedish Massage? A Swedish Massage is the most common and best-known type of massage technique. The relaxation of massage is very beneficial to the individual, Physically and psychologically. Human touch is very important to everyone. Swedish massage is … Continued


Indian Head Massage

What is Indian Head Massage? An Indian Head Massage is a deeply relaxing treatment which may relieve tension headaches, calm frayed nerves and improve the quality and duration of your night’s sleep. It may also relieve sinusitis and the frequency … Continued